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Proposal Essay

This assignment has three interrelated goals:

1. To help you develop the necessary skills to create a class A proposal, considering context, research questions, sources, timeline, and larger implications.

1. To give you practice working with the Research Proposal as an academic genre.

1. To provide an opportunity for working on stylistics and effective academic discourse.


Your essay should be at least FIVE FULL PAGES and in MLA FORMAT. Please include page numbers, a heading, in-text citations and a properly labeled and formatted works cited. You may use images in your draft if you wish – just please use them rhetorically,
not decoratively.

In addition, be sure to
cite any sources (textual or image-based) that you include in your draft and to include a bibliography/works cited at the end that includes a
minimum of five sources.


Your proposal should have a well thought out title and contain effective visual rhetoric as appropriate. It should be a traditional, linear Word document in MLA format. Make sure you are hitting the following parts within your essay (do not include subheadings. They are not needed):


This introduction should be designed to interest your reader in your topic and proposal and provide some historical/cultural context for your project. At the end of your introduction, include a tentative thesis to indicate to your reader that you are entering your project looking at your topic through a critical, analytic lens — this thesis can state your intentions, but it SHOULD NOT BE IN FIRST PERSON.

A good formula for an introduction is context + problem/complication + proposed argument or research question. Each stage in this formula should be a few sentences long. If you are not ready to construct a hypothesis at this point, be sure to include at least one well-thought-out research question to indicate what line of inquiry you’re going to use in your research.


In your body paragraphs, make sure that you are addressing the problem and its solution. MORE SOLUTION THAN PROBLEM should be in this essay. What are you proposing? What are you offering to the world?


In your conclusion, address the “So What?” of this research. That is, why does what you are investigating matter as more than an academic exercise? Why should your audience want to read it? Why does it matter?

Works cited

If you cite any sources, you’ll also need to have a works cited at the end of the proposal, with the citations in MLA format. Any parenthetical citations in the text itself should also follow MLA gui