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In my opinion, I feel it is better to encrypt your data before you place it in the cloud instead of encrypting the data after it is in the cloud. Encrypting data before sending it to the cloud provides better security, but it can potentially disable some features offered by the cloud service provider. (Merry, 2016). Encrypting the data prior to uploading it to the cloud ensures that the data is protect if the cloud service provider is breached. The attacker can obtain the stolen data but will not be able to decrypt and read it because the customer has possession of the encryption keys. This an example of security through network segmentation, as the data and the encryption keys are not stored in the same physical location. Encrypting data prior to transmitting it in the cloud enforces access control. Cloud service providers are unable to access the data without the encryption key, so it forces them to contact the customer for all access requests to customer data.

Encrypting data after it reaches the cloud leaves the data vulnerable to attack while the data is in transit because the data is sent in plaintext. In addition, encrypting the data after it is placed in the cloud shifts key management and encryption responsibility to the cloud service provider. This is unadvisable from an organizational standpoint because the organization has no control over the encryption keys and is unable to view access control requests. For example, if the cloud service provider has the encryption keys, they can access the data at will without the organization knowing about it. Allowing the cloud service provider to encrypt the data requires a high level of trust between the customer and the cloud service provider. The benefit of having the cloud service provider encrypt the data after it is stored in the cloud is that it allows the cloud service provider to perform services such as data analytics, context-indexing, and self-service access requests. Organizations may choose the approach of having the cloud service provider perform encryption while the data rests in the cloud for convenience. This approach allows users and applications to access data without the need to supply the decryption key for every data access request.


Merry, A. (2016, April 1). Why you should own the key when encrypting data in the cloud. Network World.


A number of technologies have lately acquired prominence, including machine learning, AI, deep learning, and cloud computing. As cloud storage grows in popularity