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Extended” Executive Summary of 500 words.  Extended in that you must offer detailed comments on each element of the Strategic Case Analysis, while the team’s Executive Summary will be the “highlights” (key points) of each section. Complete an “Extended” Executive Summary by providing detailed comments on each element of the Strategic Case Analysis :   Where appropriate among the various elements of the Strategic Case Analysis, address the following points: IFE, EFE, CPM, BCG, IE, SPACE, GRAND SWOT, QSPM, FINANCIAL STATEMENT..While it is not necessary for you to spend time explaining the points of differentiation between you and your team members, it is very important that you do explain how you came to the conclusions and recommendations you are submitting. Recommend strategic plans to improve the company’s competitive advantage. 

  1. Explain how leadership skills can be used to encourage innovation to improve the company. 
  2. Recommend specific decisions company leadership can make in order to capitalize on untapped business opportunities. 
  3. List the sources you used to inform the development of your strategic case analysis as well as the sources that inform your suggestions in points a-c above. 


External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix

According to David, David, and David (2020), an EFE matrix provides an empirical assessment of how well a firm is handling external factors overall, including the firm’s effectiveness at capitalizing on opportunities and minimizing threats. Through thorough research and assessment, we have recognized multiple opportunities and threats that have been assigned weights and ranks.

The lowest rating that has been identified during the research of opportunities is the steady forecast for revenue growth/consumption growth. This specific opportunity is important because it provides a means by which to strategize for the future. “In rapidly changing market situations, not enough attention is paid to the forecasting process on the part of managers of enterprises, which negatively affects the final results of their activities” (Sobon, et al, 2021). What this means for Starbucks is that they are not readily prepared for any upcoming trends or changes that may take place in the market. The recommendation is to invest in more comprehensive forecasting to ensure they can be ahead of any changes.

Of the ratings shown under opportunities, there were three categories identified that rated a 4, which indicates a superior response. These categories are coffee subscriptions, faster service, and self-service machines. These indicate that the company is doing a far superior job compared to others in their industry at addressing these factors. Research has shown that Circle K increased its foot traffic by 200% with a coffee subscription, an added 70% increase in food sales, and a 90-95% subscription renewal rate. The recommendation for Starbucks is to begin offering different levels of subscriptions for different price ranges of customers.

Of the threats that were identified, only one scored a rating of 1. The executive officer changeover has consistently happened, with Chief Executive Howard Shultz retiring and coming out of retirement multiple times. This poses and threat due to the accumulated cost of turnover in severance pay, as well as a lack of being able to achieve any performance targets. The recommendation is to put into place bylaws that bar any previously retired administrative management from coming back to their previous positions without substantial proof that it will be of benefit to the company.

Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)

An assessment of the company’s primary internal strengths and weaknesses with those of the company’s significant competitors in the