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Zhang, Y., Yu, W., Li, Z., Raza, S., & Cao, H. (2021). Detecting Ethereum Ponzi schemes based on improved LightGBM algorithm. IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, 9(2), 624–637.

Al-Nsour, E., Weshah, S., & Dahiyat, A. (2021). Cloud accounting information systems: Threats and advantages. Accounting, 7(4), 875-882.

Boylan, D. H., & Hull, J. E. (2022). Have Accounting Information Systems significantly helped in detecting fraudulent activities in accounting? The Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 24(3), 45-56.

Activity: Summarize Your News Article to Identify the Problem and Populations Affected

Replicate the orange columns in your notebook.


Name of Steps

Description of Steps

Guidance to Success



Summarize, making sure to identify:

the problem

populations affected by the problem

location of the problem, if applicable

Whatever your research problem is, you will need to summarize the proof that the problem exists today by providing an ‘example’ of your research problem happening in the world.

For your ‘example’, you will use a news article or even your research articles for KG-604, but in other courses it may be a case study from your textbook, a summary of the problem provided by your professors, or you may need to find a relevant ‘case’ on your own.

1. Identify the problem:

2. Identify populations affected:

3. Identify the location:

Activity: Find a Company/Organization/Policy Working to Mitigate the Problem


Name of Steps

Description of Steps

Guidance to Success



Find and summarize an existing evidence-based solution to use as a foundation to YOUR recommendation.

Conduct further research to find a company/organization/

program/policy that is doing a good job trying to mitigate this problem (this could be from another state or even another country where populations are comparable).

· Include the name of company/organization/


· Include detailed evidence that this ‘solution’ is working (do not forget to include dates/years, and statistics as support):

· Identify specific ‘parts’ of the ‘solution’ that you think will be useful and define/summarize them:

Replicate the orange columns in your notebook.


Effects of Digital Technology on Students

Students Name

Professors Name

Course Title



Technological advancement has changed the academic domain, made learning more interactive, and eliminated geographical limitations. However, there are noteworthy challenges that result from technology that must be mitigated to achieve a higher quality of education. Research by Chen et al. (2014) inferred that technology has increased the number of disruptions to students, and they never have adequate time for learning and research. Instead, they spend more time on social media trying to catch up with their friends. Further, it introduces the learners to harmful vices such as cyber bullying, depriving them of peace of mind and making it almost impossible for them to learn. Technology has allowed people to share information through various platforms, and some information needs to be verified. Consequently, students will be misled as they use information that is not credible for research. Incorporating technology in schools generally increases expenditure and makes people spend more than they would have spent when there was no technology. Research by Pang (2018) suggests that more than 62% of schools globally use improved devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and other technical-powered devices. The machines highly destruct the students as their attention keeps shifting. For example, when students are using social media, a text message received during class may affect the student’s concentration rate. Teachers may also get destructed by their mobile devices, and in the long run, they may not be able to teach as expected. Technology is, therefore, an essential aspect of the academic landscape but must be controlled to ensure that it does not jeopardize the quality of education.


Technology is an important invention that has changed people’s ways of life. Although it has numerous benefits, it has serious problems in the academic field and must be mitigated to ensure that the quality of education is maintained. The key mitigating strategy is to limit the use of technology by the students. At school, there should be specific times when students will use the technology devices and times when they will not. At home, parents should teach the students to organize their time to excel in their studies and spend less time on technology and social media devices (Pang, 2018). Teaching responsibility and conscious behaviour are essential because it ensures that all the students will know what is expected of them and therefore do it without being distracted. It is imperative to note