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I want 6-page case study report. Instructions is attached, sample is attached too and case is attached too. I also attached the partner work breakdown structure. 

Due in 8 hours. 

PJM 6025 Team Assignment – Activities, Time Estimates, Sequencing, Critical Path, and Rough Cost Estimate

I. Overview and Rationale

Each team will need to insert the developed WBS into the MS Project. Next, you need to add activities and time estimates to the WBS in MS Project. You will find the MS Project course on LinkedIn Learning very helpful in completing this assignment. In addition, each team will be sequencing all the case project’s activities, identifying the critical path, and creating a summary of the estimated costs associated with the project’s major deliverables.

II. Program and Course Outcomes

This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course syllabus:

· Evaluate the best practice techniques to create and communicate an effective project WBS.

· Explain the philosophies of project cost and schedule.

· Analyze the relationship between cost & schedule and project failure

· Map the process of planning schedule and cost management.

In addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidence the following skills through completing this assignment:

· Critical thinking and analysis

· Technical Competency

· Problem-solving

III. Essential Components & Instructions


For this assignment, you need to ensure that your WBS captures the entire scope provided in the case study in sufficient detail. Break down the Work Packages into the activities necessary to create the deliverables. (You should have a minimum of approximately 40 activity tasks; also, remember to use the Verb / Adj. / Noun format in naming activities; all activities must begin with an action verb (Examples: create, order, schedule, build, code, etc….)) Activities are the actions you will take to create the deliverables. Use the Action Verb / Adj / Noun format in naming activities. Please see the example below:

1.1-Kitchen Cabinets (Deliverable)

1.1.1-Design Kitchen Cabinets (Activity) (Action verb / adjective / noun)

1.1.2-Request Kitchen Cabinet Bids

1.1.3-Approve Kitchen Cabinet Contract

1.1.4-Install Kitchen Cabinets


Captures full scope of project (Deliverables oriented) – and activities

· Uses the adjective/noun format for all deliverables

· Captures relevant project management-oriented deliverables

· Contains 30 – 40 lines of detail

· Decomposes the project to at least two levels of deliverables, at a minimum

· Activities follow the action verb / adjective / noun format

· Deliverables follow the adjective / noun format

· You have added sufficient activities to produce the deliverables

· Contains a WBS code (1.0, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc.)

· Created in MS Project

Activity and Time Estimate

· En

Teaching case

Fixing the payment system at Alvalade XXI:

a case on IT project risk management
Ramon O’Callaghan

Tilburg University, The Netherlands

RO’Callaghan, School of Economics and Business Administration, Warandelaan 2, Tilburg University, PO Box 90153,
5000 LE, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
E-mail: [email protected]

This case describes the implementation and subsequent failure of an innovative system
installed in the bars of Alvalade XXI, the recently built football stadium in Lisbon, Portugal.
Casa XXI, the company running the bars, had entrusted the project to an IT supplier who
had limited experience with large systems. During the inauguration, the system failed
spectacularly creating a chaotic situation. The fiasco meant not only a financial loss, but
also a blow to the reputation of the company. The management blamed the supplier for
the failure. The supplier, however, claimed that the problem was not technical but
organizational, that is, poor planning of operations. Subsequent tests were inconclusive
and failed to restore trust. At the end of the case, the CEO is considering the possibility to
switch to an alternative supplier. He also wonders what they could have done to manage
the project and the associated risks more effectively. The case highlights risk and project
management issues in large systems implementations. The discussion can be structured
around cost/benefit analysis, risk assessment, and project management. Relevant
dimensions include: company operations, project scope, degree of innovation, technology
used, system architecture, supplier selection, and project organization. In addition, the
case raises governance questions: Who is responsible for the project? Even if the project
is outsourced, how should the roles and responsibilities be apportioned between the
company and the IT supplier(s)? What mechanisms should be used to plan and execute IT
projects, and control their risks?
Journal of Information Technology (2007) 22, 399–409. doi:10.1057/palgrave.jit.2000116
Keywords: risk management; project management; innovation adoption; systems implementation;
governance; outsourcing


n August 2003, while many Europeans were heading to
the beaches to mitigate the effects of the worst heat wave
on record, José Eduardo Sampaio, the CEO of Casa XXI,

was faced with another kind of heat.1 Cartão 21, the
innovative payment system of Casa XXI that he had
personally conceived and subcontracted, had dramatically
failed on 6 August during the high-visibility inauguration of
Alvalade XXI, the newly built football stadium of the
Sporting Club of Portugal.

Casa XXI had been granted the rights to exploit all the
bars and restaurants in the stadium. Based on pre-paid





Work Breakdown Structure


Level 4 (Work Packages)

Level 3 (Sub- deliverables)

Level 1 (Project)

Lever 2 (Major Deliverables)

1. Fixingpayment system at Alvalade XXI

1.1Project Management

1.2 Procurement


1.4 System Testing

1.6 Monitoring & control

1.5 Adoption

1.1.1kick-off meeting

1.1.2 Develop project Charter

1.1.3 Final scope Statement

1.1.4 Create Work Breakdown Structure

1.1.5 Shareholder Analysis

1.1.6 Review & approval meeting

1.2.1 Prepaid Cards

1.2.2 Software Secure Software License

1.2.3 POS Terminal Obtain rechargeable Cards Pre-actvate The cards Distribute Cards Secure compatible SQL Server Intall Winrest App Install cooling System Install AC in Server Room Add New Wireless Antennae

1.3.1 Develop Training Plan

1.3.2 Develop Training Manual

1.3.3 Sales and technical teams Training

1.4.1 Testing Conduct Network testing Conduct System Testing share Information with users

1.6.1 POS Terminals

1.6.2 Card Activation

1.6.5 Cash Register

1.6.3 Transaction time

1.6.4 Software License

Fixing the Payment System at Alvalade XXI

Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary (WBSD)

Fixing the Payment System at Alvalade XXI


By Group D

Team Members: Anish Pradhan, Nishtha Kikani, Adilet Kasymov, Songwei Liu

Professor: Ed Anderson

19th June 2022

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary (WBSD)







Fixing the Payment System at Alvalade XXI

To recover and install the Payment system at Alvalade XXI stadium effectively.



Project Management

The use of Specific expertise, skills, tools, and techniques to deliver something of value to people.



Kick-off Meeting

The initial meeting with Client and Project team



Project Charter

A document which aids the Project Manager in assigning companies materials for project’s completion.



Scope Statement



Work Breakdown Structure



Stakeholder Analysis






Pre-paid Cards


Obtaining Rechargeable Cards


Pre-Activating the Cards


Distributing Cards





Securing Software License