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Description:  The CPA is a document designed to fulfill the state requirements. It describes and defines the specific components and parameters related to the rules and regulations of APN/Nurse Praxctitioner and Physician collaborative practice.  The agreement should be accompanied by guidelines, protocols, or standing orders specific to the clinical conditions treated by the collaborating physician and APN if applicable for your state.

You should be able to answer the different questions/sections by looking under the entities (board of nursing, board of healing arts, board of pharmacy, etc.) that oversee your APRN practice for your state.

The state that I am going to be practicing in is the state of Georgia.

Attached are the questions that I need to be completed based on Georgia regulations on their websites.

5572 CPA and State/Federal APRN Practice Rules Assignment:

Student Name ___________________________________

State of Practice __________________________________

1. Is a Collaborative Practice Agreement required? If so, what is required to be present in a CPA in your state? If no, are there requirements that must be met to practice independently? Or does your state require a “supervising” physician? Do you work under protocols?

2. In your state, does the physician have to cosign your charts. Explain that process.

3. What is required from a new graduate to be able to practice in your state? (a certain degree? Certification? Etc.) Which “boards” in your state oversees APRN practice.

4. What is required by your state to prescribe? Can you prescribe controlled drugs? What is required in your state to prescribe medications (including controlled drugs)?

5. How do you obtain a DEA number? (Just give a stepwise approach—nothing too elaborate). In your state, are there any other agencies that you must register with to prescribe controlled drugs?

6. Can you practice in a different specialty than your collaborator is practicing?

7. In your state, how does the nurse practitioner handle a patient that needs to be hospitalized? Per your nurse practice act, can NPs have hospital privileges? Does federal law support full hospital privileges for NPs?

8. In your state is there a limit of how many NPs or PAs a physician can work with? Is there a distance requirement between the location of the Physician practice and the NP practice location?

9. In your state, is an NP able to own their own practice? How does that work?

10. In your state is the NP able to participate in insurance plans and be reimbursed for their services? Does the NP get paid the same as the physician? What does “incident to” mean?