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1. Based on APA 3 criteria for defining and diagnosing abnormal behavior, does Mary show evidence of
abnormal behavior? Addressing each of the 3 criteria, what evidence do you have that is sufficient for
these requirements? Be sure to incorporate specific text evidence.
2. Based on text evidence, what would you diagnose Mary with? Keep in mind comorbidity; if you feel
she meets the criteria for more than one, address both.
3. Using the DSM-5, select at least 3 criteria for Mary’s diagnosis (if comorbid, select 3 for each); give
specific examples from the text to illustrate how she meets each criterion.
4. Would you consider Mary’s prognosis good or guarded? Why?
5. What treatment/s would you recommend for Mary and why? Provide at least 2 examples and identify
specific benefits for each.