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What were the major critiques (suggestions for improvement) on your first draft?
From the Writing Center and/or Smarthinking
From your professor
From your peers
How are you incorporating the feedback into your revisions?
Were there any of the critiques you disagreed with? Why?
Consider the stages of the writing process to date, what are some things you’ve done well? What are some things you are working to improve on?
Step 2: Write Your Essay
Your essay will be a 3–5-page critical response evaluating the feedback you received on your draft and your thoughts on the writing process so far.
Make sure your thesis is clear.
Organize your essay to include an introduction and conclusion and a clear delineation of your key points.
Include specific examples as evidence to support your key points.
Develop your thoughts carefully and remember to ask for help if you need it.
Essay Formatting
Your essay should use MLA-style formatting. In general, this includes:
1-inch margins on all sides
Double-spaced text
Use a legible font (e.g. Times New Roman), size 12 font
Indent the first line of each paragraph using the TAB key on the keyboard
Include a heading on the first page of the document
Name, Date, Class, Instructor
Include a title after the heading on the first page. Remember, all important words of a title are capitalized.
Additional guidelines and an example of what a formatted page should look like can be found on the Purdue OWL site. Click here to view the guidelines and example of MLA essay format.
My critiques:
works cited not formatted correctly
need to use transition words
using bullets
using numerical numbers instead a writing them out
short paragraphs