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The architectural manifesto. Architecture is as much a discourse as it is a physical practice. Throughout written history, architects, scholars, and patrons have written about what architecture is and what role it should play in society. Your weekly readings throughout the semester have provided examples of the various ways in which ideas about architecture have been produced in and through the written word.
In this assignment, it is your turn to write an architectural manifesto. You will base the manifesto on the work you have chosen for your sketchbook assignments throughout the semester. Using the tools of formal analysis you have developed each week in your sketchbook and the work we have been doing in class to connect form and social context, you will use a discussion of this building to articulate your vision for the role of architecture in society. You may choose to write from the perspective of the building’s architect, patron, or one of its everyday occupants. You may choose to endorse the architectural principles on which the building is based or you may wish to reject them. It should be clear from the text of the manifesto, however, what personal perspective (architect, patron, or occupant) you have chosen to adopt. You will also want to consider audience. To whom are you speaking and why are you trying to convince them?

Structure and Organization:
In order to be persuasive, your manifesto will need a clear sense of structure. You will need to include an introduction and conclusion that summarize your main points. The body paragraphs of the manifesto should proceed in a logical order.

In order to be persuasive, your manifesto will also need to make use of sound architectural evidence. You may draw on evidence from your own building or others relevant to your chosen era. Use the formal qualities of this architectural evidence to support your argument about how architecture should function in society

The manifesto should be 1000 words long. You may include images and/or graphics, as long as they support your overall argument, but they are not required. The final document should be saved as a PDF and uploaded to Canvas.

Peer review:
On Friday, November 18, we will hold a peer review session in class. You will be required to bring a paper copy of your draft manifesto to class that day. During class, each of you will assist a fellow classmate in reviewing and revising their work for submission the following Monday. At the end of class, you will take a photo of the peer review sheet and upload it to Canvas. Failure to participate in the peer review session (barring illness, emergency, or other University-sponsored absence) will result in a deduction of five points from your overall assignment grade
use. both online sources and the sketchbooks attached for this assignment