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10 annotations due
The second to the last paragraph of this section of the John/Joan article is unreadable. Here is the wording as it should be:
His story has shaken to its foundations the edifice constructed on John Money’s theories from the 1950s. And it has exposed a central flaw in a theory that has held sway for most of the 20th century. It was Sigmund Freud who first stated that a child’s healthy psychological development as a boy or a girl rests largely on the presence, or absence, of the penis – the notion central to Money’s theory of sexual development and the ultimate reason that John Thiessen was converted to girlhood in the first place. It is a notion that, today, has also been called into question by neurobiological research that, in the sexual realm, is leading scientists toward the conclusion that, as Dr. Reiner puts it, “the most important sex organ is not the genitals; it’s the brain.”
John Thiessen puts it another way when he speaks…
from the green line to the end of the article.