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Part 1: Product Proposal
Submit your 250-word informative essay response to the following questions in paragraph format as a product proposal.
Name the product/company/organization, briefly describe the company, and provide the history and ownership. (This is the product/company you will produce promotional materials for throughout the course.)
What is the brand name of the organization that is marketing the product? If the product has a brand name, explain the branding image.
Describe the market location:
Explain whether your product will be marketed locally, regionally, nationally, or globally?
Describe the market location, including the size of the market and potential market numbers for the product (use source references).
Explain the differences in scope and scale for promotional needs between a local and national markets.
Part 2
see Template
Ruberic attached
One APA below must be used
Escudier, B. (2022). MT359 Promotions in Marketing. Pearson Collections.