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It’s a correction for my essay I did it by my teacher send me to correct things and rebuilt it. Will send you my document call week 2 and a document that suppose to be. You can use your own resources or that ones that I am giving to you. On the document that suppose to be that part is on page 4 and 5. I just need 375 words.
The corrections are
Review headings and seriation. Your level 2 and level 1 headings are formatted incorrectly.
I am not seeing how ABA was your intervention to help increase your SAFMEDS scores. You link it to being an intervention for individuals with autism but not specifically to your studies. Your first two sections are not linked to your SAFMEDS studies at all.
You need to find an article that uses an evidence based intervention to increase fluency skills such as SAFMEDS. You then need to summarize the research (participants, methods, conclusion, etc) and then link it to how it applies to your research. Please only focus on the literature review.