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Type your answers to the following prompts and upload your assignment as a single file (document) to Blackboard.

1. Write a brief introduction in which you identify and describe yourself.  Then write the script for a brief, introductory conversation between you and an adult patient (formal mode) and a child patient (informal mode).  Include all appropriate accents and punctuation in Spanish.

2. Write a paragraph that demonstrates that you understand the use of the verbs 
ser and 
estar.  You may use the paragraph on page 47 of the textbook as a model and include your own information.

3. Write an abbreviated shift report in which you tell about the patients in specified rooms, including information about their symptoms and injuries. You will manufacture these patients and their conditions.

4. Write a sample registration form for an imaginary patient.  Include the information that is indicated on the sample form on page 114 of the textbook.

5. Write ten lucid sentences that use verbs that are found on page 130 of the textbook.

Write instructions for a patient to take five of the medications that are most commonly used at the place where you work or in your future profession.