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WK12 Bluetooth Technology Study.

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What is the researcher’s bias? What are some possible limitations of your dissertation? What are some ways the researcher can minimize these issues?

Study validity, reliability, and lack of business are one of the factors that make a given research quality. Nevertheless, many times, a researcher may fail to meet all the necessary requirements to eliminate research biasness. As provided in week 12 readings, as well as with reference to the dissertation topic chosen, research bias can be described as systematic error that is introduced into sampling or even testing approaches that unduly favor one outcome over the other. It should be remembered that research bias can occur at any phase, and therefore any effort to eliminate this business, one ought to streamline all the phases of study right from study methodology, techniques used in data collection, selection of study sample, tools used in data analysis as well as the study design. One major limitation of my dissertation is that it may take much longer time more than predicted. Secondly, data interpretation can be limited (Wordvice HJ, 2022). Besides that, there is also the likelihood of facing challenges due to limited access to quality and reliable data, lack of adequate sample size, challenges of research samples as well as a selection of appropriate data analysis processes, use of poor methods of collecting data as well as lack of appropriate and enough sample size for statistical measurements.

To eliminate or minimize the above-projected limitations, it will be highly recommended to formulate my research aims and objectives so that the focus on the dissertation topic is preserved. Also, adopting appropriate study methodology, closing the correct and sufficient sample size, using appropriate and effective data collection and analysis methods along with developing a conclusion that is logical and evidence-based will minimize possible limitations in my dissertation topic (Editage Insights, 2021).


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If the limitations of the study cannot be avoided, how can they be minimized?

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