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Now that you’ve completed writing your report for this week’s case study, you must also be able to sell your work in a formal presentation!
See the rubric attached for details on how you’ll be assessed.
Your presentation should be prepared for a 30-minute appointment with the head of your Division. Therefore, plan this presentation for no more than 20 minutes, leaving at least 10 minutes for questions and discussions.
Slides should be professional:
Simple background (other than white or black or gray)
Effective use of graphics, such as company logos, photos of products, etc.
Clean wording: key words only (consider 5×5: no more than 5 bullets per slide, no more than 5 words per bullet)Audience should be listening to you, not reading your slides
Exception may be quoted definitions that require the audience’s attention
Effective use of animation: build slides to keep your audience focused on what you are sayingDo NOT mix several types animations or use too extreme options (e.g. flying, spins, etc.)
Legible: use large enough fonts, colors should be high-contrast for projectors (light text on dark background or dark text on light background)
Quantity of slides should match your presentations pace: no faster than 1 minute per slide, a single topic per slide (i.e. not too much)
Speaking Notes should be professional:
Write like a script for your speech — assume the reader didn’t attend the meeting
Does NOT need to be exactly what you said, but clear and concise
Ensure main points are covered, especially findings and recommendations
Upload the following:
Presentation slides (with speaking notes) — use only PPT or PDF format. DO NOT record this presentation!