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View the following short videos:
The Origin of Humans(HHMI Interactive). Although a number of hominin species are discussed in the video, the focus of this assignment is the Ardipithecus discovery.
Your Inner Fish: Your Aching Back
Once you review the above material, answer the four questions below. You can type your answers directly into the text box or upload them as a file. You do not need to rewrite the questions, but please number your answers. Remember–ONLY use material from the above sources. Any use of outside sources will result in no credit.
1. According to the DNA comparisons discussed in the “Origins of Humans” approximately when did the split between the human and the chimpanzee lineage occur?
2. What specific parts of the skeleton are most important in assessing whether a fossil form was bipedal?
3. Describe the parts of Ardi’s (Ardipithecus ramidus) skeleton that showed evidence of bipedalism, and the portions that were more apelike. According to this evidence, how did Ardi move around?
4. Based on the evidence discussed in the “Origin of Humans” video clip, describe the environment that Ardi lived in. What was the specific evidence supporting the scientists’ conclusion?
5. According to the text, and to Bruce Latimer in the “Your Aching Back” video, why do humans today have back problems