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PromptChoose one of the following case scenarios. Give advice to the student and explain why you think that advice will be helpful. For your two responses, choose peers who selected a different case study than you. Analyze their advice and tell why you agree or disagree with their assessment. Also, add a suggestion for the case study student that they did not think of.
Case Scenario # 1: Brittany
Brittany works 30 hours a week and is taking four courses this semester. She rarely has time to take a shower, much less study for long periods of time. She is worried about her upcoming psychology test because she has only read the chapters in the book and taken notes during lectures. What advice would you give Brittany and why do you think it would be helpful?
Case Scenario #2: Xavier
Xavier has severe test anxiety. No matter how much he studies, he gets so nervous when he takes tests that he blanks out and cannot remember anything. When he talks to classmates after the test, he can talk at length about the subject. What advice would you give Xavier and why do you think it would be helpful?
Case Scenario #3: Callie
Callie has changed her study habits from high school. She takes more time to study and even works with classmates to help her learn the material. She spends a lot of time rereading her notes and watching her professor’s video lectures. However, she is still not improving her grades on the tests. What advice would you give Callie and why do you think it would be helpful?