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This Unit examines the impact of data and information on clinical decisions; in particular, in a population health management program. This Unit underscores the importance of health care data by focusing on multiple sources of business information, business intelligence and analytics to support better clinical outcomes and useful decision-making.
INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT: You need to complete the I2B2 training by Tuesday (D2) of the first week (W5) of the this unit. (2 points) (You got an email from Joanna Tess earlier in the coures)…==========================================================================================================================
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Day 4 (November 17th) ( Need Topic)
I2b2 Research Topics: Select a disease or other challenge in the EHR that you want to further pursue for the second week. (Examine PhenoKB and discover and illness you want to review with I2b2) (1 point)
Day 1 week 6 (November 21st)
Methods of query: Submit two different methods to measure your disease or other challenge in the EHR and how to query the data in i2b2. Submit by Monday (D1) of the second week (W6) (10 points) (Do not compare ICD-9 to ICD-10, Do not compare males versus females). The goal is to have two query’s measure the same events or disease.
Day 6 Week 6 (November 26th)
PRESENTATION ASSIGNMENT: Disease prevalence presentation to Senior Leadership, you are tasked with presenting the prevalence of a specific disease or other hard to measure challenge in your health system. Please prepare a 10 minute powerpoint about the disease prevelence in your health system based on your results from the i2b2 queries. All uncertainty in the disease must be explained in a concise way. (See presentation grading rubric) 105 points. Saturday of the second week (D6 W6) at 11:59 AM. Use speaker notes to include what you would say during the presentation.