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Security Dark Ages

First Things First

In the linked video below, Amit Yoran, then president of RSA, spoke about “Escaping Security’s Dark Ages.” While this was from RSA Conference 2015, it’s a fascinating insight into cybersecurity at that time and it presents an opportunity to evaluate whether we’ve made it past Amit’s dark ages.

RSA Conference. (2015, April 22). Escaping Security’s Dark Ages. [YouTube]. 
Escaping Security’s Dark Ages_Transcript 


Initial Post

Consider Amit’s perspective on the state of cybersecurity as you begin to complete more independent research on this topic with the following questions as your starting line. Please answer more than just the questions below in your analysis. 

  • What do you think about the challenges he describes and the requirements he believes are necessary to overcome them?
  • How are these relevant to SIEM? What do you think are the biggest challenges facing cybersecurity today and how might SIEM help address some of those challenges?