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Atmospherics: Article Reflection and Discussion Questions
Fetterman, M. and J. O’Donnell (2006, September 1). Just browsing at the mall? That’s what you think.
USA Today. Retrieved from
 What information in this article did you find most interesting?
 How do you think most consumers would feel about learning the information in this article?
Would they be okay with the tactics used? Why or why not?
 How do you personally feel about the information in this article – are you okay with the tactics
being used? Why or why not?
 After class, think about how it fits with the day’s discussion of atmospherics.
Moreno, I. (2018, February 6). Consumers’ steps tracked as source of retail data. The Associated Press.
Retrieved from:
 How do you feel about this technology? Do you have any problems with it? Why or why not?
 How is the technology currently being used?
 How do you think it could be adapted to be even more useful to retailers?
Blanding, M. (2018, February 13). People have an irrational aversion to being last in line. Forbes.
Retrieved from:
 What do you think about the findings? Were you surprised by the strength of the findings? Why
or why not?
 Do you think people would stop changing lines if they knew this information? Why or why not?
 How can companies use this information when setting up their check out areas?
Borkhataria, C. (2017, August 29). How Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift can boost sales: Researchers find
people tend to buy more in crowded stores that play fast-paced tunes. Daily Mail. Retrieved from:
 Briefly explain the findings in your own words. What do you think of these findings? Why do
you think this happens? Can you think of situations when this might not be a good strategy?
Klara, R. (2012, March 5). Something in the Air. Adweek. Retrieved from:
 Why are companies infusing scents?
 What are the upsides? What are some downsides? Go beyond what is listed in the article.