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This week we are taking our ‘break’ to watch a film connected to our next unit. This gives our reflection leaders time to write. I will post a key concept bank tomorrow for universalism tomorrow, and I am offering another call for 2 volunteers in each group.
BACKGROUND and MATERIALS I: Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock
The film I assigned, Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock (2017), is currently available to stream for free from the producers. Please send a donation if you are able and feel that you would like to support this work. When the film was created, an activist guide was offered here: Microsoft Word – CallsToActionBrochure .docx (
For a deeper look into the structure of the film, I recommend Deep histories and fluid futures in “Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock” by Emily Roehl.
It breaks down each ‘act’ of the film, the importance of the media in shaping public consciousness of this event and includes screenshots illustrating the narrative strategies of the directors. My choice of this film is definitely a call-back to the way that Hampton, King, and Wells all crafted public messages to bring others to collective action. Content-warning: The film also includes scenes of violent confrontation with the private security forces and the police.
We will go into more depth about the movements connected to Standing Rock and their philosophical basis as conclude our class.
PROMPT (the same as for our previous film)
This prompt is simple, but deep: What did you learn from watching this film? You don’t need to write more than 2-3 paragraphs, but please reserve your comments for genuine reflection.