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Attend a church service (mass, liturgy, baptism, funeral, etc.) of any Christian denomination (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc.) and reflect on your experience. An in-depth interview of at least one person is recommended but not required. You may, of course, do more than one interview. You can ask questions that you wrestle with or are curious about. Why do you come to Mass every Sunday? What impact does it have on your everyday life? From your observations and interviews, describe some of the elements that are central to the experience of being a Christian believer. Be attentive of how the architecture of the church, various statues or objects within the church or lack of, and the ways in which the assembly or congregation celebrates their liturgy reflect the worldview of the Christian faith you’re observing. In 1-2 pages, write about your experience, what you’ve gained or lost from attending this service, and any other information that might be useful in conveying the full breadth of your experience. You are also welcome to reflect on similarities or differences from your own faith practice. Just an FYI… the course is online but I am from Jersey. Please pick something North Jersey. No paraphrase or plagiarism.