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1. Business Software
The development of an e-commerce website requires more interactive functionalities, such as the ability to respond to user input (name and address forms), capture customer orders for goods and services, clear credit card transactions on the fly, consolidate price and product databases, and even adjusting advertising on the screen based on user characteristics.
Explain the different types of software used on the website to perform the current functionalities.
What can be done to improve the software?
2. Categorize marketing and advertising strategy and method.
Explain the current online, offline, and social media marketing strategies of the e-commerce business? Provide photos or screenshots of your business marketing activities
What can be done to improve the marketing aspects of the business
Required:Follow the solution of the previous homework about Faces Company
Referencing and in-text citation APA
The answer to each question minim 170 words
Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced)