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Alrght sir, we will start working on our final paper, this assignment it’s just a Outline for us to start.
Also the link I have attached here sir, it’s a example on what it needs to be done.
1 page only sir, no format paper required. Will attach all the artifacts (my papers) so you can get the common threads for is.
Review the BLT overview document in the Weekly Resource section.
Look carefully at your chosen artifacts. What are 3-4 common threads you can pull between these artifacts? A thread may not include all seven artifacts, but it might be exemplified in two or more. Look for threads that indicate the characteristics effective leaders exhibit when leading successful organizations.
You may have chosen a topic to develop during your time in your Leadership as a Calling class. This is where that topic can become a focal point in your BLT essay. Think about your focus topic in relation to the leadership characteristics required to be successful and effective in that area. If you do not have a focus topic, don’t worry. You will look through your artifacts and focus solely on the 3-4 leadership characteristics needed for effective leadership.
Begin drafting an outline/list of the characteristics of a successful business leader. Make connections in your outline to your artifacts so you can develop these ideas later. (This does not have to be a formal outline. Create a document that will help you with planning the flow of your essay and shows the connections between your artifacts and beliefs about business leaders. See example outlines in the Resource section below for ideas on what your outline might look like.)
Submit your outline draft at the link above. Be sure to submit your outline on time in order to receive full credit. Outlines submitted later than one week after the deadline will not be graded.
Keep in mind that this is a very difficult task to complete. Finding common threads between artifacts that don’t seem to have anything in common is a challenge. If you’re struggling to find a connection with one or two artifacts, take a step back and look at the artifact and the class it came from with a wider lens. Think about what you learned about leadership in that class. This might help you find the connections you need. Dig deep and work hard. I promise that, after some reflection and time, the connections will begin to reveal themselves.…