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– The narrative of your report should consist of a: typed MS Word (or similar software) business communication format 2- page minimum – 4- page maximum 1.5-2.0 line spacing minimum font size in the 10-12 pt. range.
– Analyze a recent (last 12 months) business article that relates to topics or concepts in this course
(the article cannot be related to the “microchip shortage).

Analyze does NOT mean summarizing the article.
Analyze means telling me what you learned that you did not know before. Example: “This article
illustrated how the concept of outsourcing was applied by XYZ Company. From it, I learned that
putting the outsourcing concept into practice often requires ….” Attach the article, or a link to the
article, with your written analysis.

Guidelines for Article Assignment
Outline / Summary of the topic (article)
o When writing, assume your reader has only a base knowledge of supply chain
Pick 2 or 3 supply chain topics (example: supplier selection, production planning…)
Explain how the topics you picked, tie to the article (make these connection as specific as
o The above will help the reader better understand why you pick the topics
What actions do you think the supply chain will need to take
o Defend your position
Brief summary of your conclusion
Include the article or link as part of your submission

NOTE: Regarding, “summary” articles (generally a paragraph or two in length) are not acceptable
because they cannot provide a discussion that has enough depth. If you spot a topic of interest in such an
article, go find a more complete treatment in a source like the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The
Economist, etc
These aforementioned guidelines define the minimally acceptable requirements for the assignment. Work
that simply meets these requirements will not necessarily receive the highest grade possible. If you fail to
follow these guidelines, you will lose points for the assignment or possibly receive a grade of zero for the