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First, read the article (attached below) to learn about oppression and its many forms, and watch “Precious Knowledge.”
For this assignment, in essay format, give an example from the film of at least 3 types of oppression, as discussed in the YoungDownload Young article. Each example should be a minimum of 1 paragraph in length and should provide sufficient detail (and any necessary citations) from both the film and the article.
Make sure your paper is in APA format and includes a cover page as well as a reference page.
Video Link: (please only accept the assignment if you will be able to access this video)
Types of oppression 1, 2, and 3: Full credit the paper will list and describe the types of oppression, including sufficient detail from both the film and the article. The answer is at least a paragraph for each type of oppression (3 total)
Writing Quality: Full credit has clear and professional writing and it is free of mistakes or errors.
APA Format: Full credit will provide any necessary citations appropriately and when needed. Citations are in the correct format (APA). The paper includes a cover page and a reference page.