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Please respond to all 4 peers individually. Each response should be 200 words or more. In-text citations and scholarly sources only. Sources should be within the last 5 years 2017-2022. 1-2 references.
Ultimately, I’ve come to the conclusion that my behavior is significantly influenced by my emotions. For instance, when I am under pressure, I feel as if I stress out immensely, but I still complete the task. Self-awareness, self-management, societal awareness, and relationship management comprise my four quadrants. I scored high of self-awareness, self-management and social-awareness however, I didn’t score so high on my relationship management. I am capable of critical self-reflection and have a strong sense of my own value. I am aware that having to adjust in a new situation may be difficult, but even if I become a bit anxious, I am always up for a challenge. I always do my best to assist others after finishing up my own work since I have a strong sense of empathy for individuals and how I would feel in their position. However, I feel as if I am not as able to maintain relationships and form lasting bonds with others because I tend to prioritize my work first. What I can do to adjust my EI quadrant results to assist in improving my leadership skills is possibly encourage team members to participate in a discussion or project rather than telling them their assignment and what is expected of them. As a leader, it is important that I am able to build relationships with other nurses and hear both sides to any story if there is ever a conflict. (McCathy, 2019).
This assignment was interesting and very easy to understand. What I felt about self management and how to apply it effectively for my personal development. Through this assignment, I was able to better grasp how I felt about self management and how to use it for personal development. It’s crucial to comprehend emotional intelligence in order to make good decisions for both yourself and other people. I identified my flaws and strengths based on the findings of my own assessment (Emotional intelligence, n.d.). I demonstrated strong results in self-awareness and social awareness, which surprised me because I don’t really consider myself to be a leader, but I’m aware I need to work on this. For my own development as a leader, I must increase my self-awareness and relationship management abilities. The primary element of emotional intelligence, which includes the capacity to recognize how emotions affect work and assess a worker’s strengths and limitations, is self-awareness.
In this week’s episode of Saving Sara, it was emphasized that just because you got promoted at your job, it doesn’t make you a leader or any better than another person. Leaders are more concerned with developing ways to connect and inspire people rather than they are with coordinating individuals to complete tasks. On the other hand, to attain a specific result, managers follow goals through staged processes, actions, and operational methods. (Nayar, 2022). Overall, the leader concentrates on the individuals whereas the management is more concerned with protocols and organization. In this scenario, Sara exhibited accountability. She understood that it is difficult for other employees taking full responsibility for their performance and trying to help them by adding extra in-service time from the IT so they can properly manage the new charting system. The advice I would give Sara to improve on accountability is whether the numbers don’t go as high as they she expects them to, as long as it has improved then they are getting the hang of it.
The difference between management and leadership in this episode was a big difference. Leadership is helping others and as well inspiring them to get the job done. Management is more of controlling her coworkers to get the job done (Duggal, 2022). The leadership role Sara exhibited is when they were discussing the new system, she brought an idea of asking for set time to be able to put the patients data in the electronic charts until IT can get to the unit. She created a plan and it allowed her coworkers to not feel so overwhelmed to get the task done while also caring for patients. One advice I would give to Sara to improve is help educate those who struggle with change and learning new things. That would also make a big difference in wanting to changing.