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Project Abstract
The recycling Steps is a website that aims to provide recycling services in Riyadh society and foster recycling principles in Saudi Arabia.
The reason for creating a website is to solve of overstock of trash and helps to transform the waste into something reusable.
The website offers to recycle various materials such as plastics, glasses, clothes, cardboard cartons, and paper. The method is that customers’ waste will be delivered to the delivery service, and then it will be transferred as points.
The usage of the website is creating a new account on the website and filling out the information about his/her name, phone number, and email.
How does it work?
The user logs in and makes a reservation and chooses what to want to be recycled. After that, selects the date and h location. Finally, submit the reservation. The website is able to view and cancel orders, using points as rewards.
if you use any references, they should cite in APA style.
Thank you
The requirements are:
1/ Draw sequence diagram ,Component Diagram, and Deployment Diagram for Recycle website project depicting of the system based on the class diagram and entity relationship Diagram (upload files).
2/ each diagram must be followed up with an explained document (how did you do it?)
The diagrams should be an editable file so can edit them if necessary. I encourage you to use a website called: app. I will upload the files to use in the project.
I will upload to you the class diagram, and entity relationship, because it is related to the project and help you fully understand the project. all these diagrams represent the project I am working on
You should answer all the questions.
The work must be free of matches from other sites or students and has no plagiarism.
Thank you