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Write a complete, solid answer. Must include a main, theme or point or argument. Be sure to support your statements with evidence from the text, and be sure to document correctly. You MUST use direct quotes from the text. Required length: 3-5 pages (900-1250 words).
The Great Gatsby is considered one of American literature’s masterpieces. Yet every attempt to turn it into a film masterpiece has failed. Why? Has this been a failure of the individual producers and directors involved? OR is there something inherently “uncinematic” about the novel? Compare and contrast the novel to the film you choose. Be sure to give specific examples from the novel and whatever film version you discuss.
Be sure to name/site and quote the film you choose correctly.
Required direct quotes from film: 3
Required direct quotes from novel: 5-6
Please follow MLA format.
You may use whichever film you choose, and as for the book version, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.…
Here is a link to the book.
Requirements: 3-5 Pages (900-1250 Words) Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced MLA Format Excluding the Works Cited Page | .doc file
Please be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph
Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions
No plagiarism & No Course Hero & No Chegg. The assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool
Please be sure to include at least one in-text citation in each body paragraph. Please be sure to include page numbers from the book provided in the above link and timeframe’s from the film version that you select that relates to the information that you are discussing
Please be sure to only read, view, and cite the above book version that has been provided. And only be sure to view and cite the film version that you decide to select