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Q1- What are life style induced diseases? Explain
Q2- Choose any life style induced disease and explain it on following points.
Risk/causal factors
Sign and symptoms
Management and prevention
Assignment submitted without cover sheet will not be considered for grading. § Fill all required information on assignment cover sheet. § Strictly follow the APA guidelines in assignment preparation. Things to consider when writing in APA style:
§ The font color must be black.
§ The font size is 12.
§ The font type is Times New Roman.
§ The paragraph must be justified.
§ Double line spacing.
§ Do not Bold, Italic, or Underline the paragraphs § Leave a tab space before the first word of each paragraph.
§ The following format is about how to write the reference list. Authors’ names (edited year). Title of resource. Retrieved from http:// (add the link of your reference)
§ If you have more than one author write their names in alphabetical order. Write their last names, add comma, then write the first letter of their first names.
§ If the reference has six or more authors, simply provide the last name of the first author with “et al.” from the first citation to the last. For example: Thomas et al.
§ The title of the reference must be ITALIC.