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Discussion: Power Plays
As you know, education leaders have various types of power that can be used to effect change for better or for worse. In the PRINCE reading for this module, you read about dimensions of power, the power of actors, power issues, and their relationships to each other. For this Discussion, you will analyze power using a modified version of Coplin and O’Leary’s PRINCE system of power analysis. As you complete the Discussion, consider the potential uses of the PRINCE system of power analysis to help managers and leaders respond effectively and justly to cultural issues involving power. Additionally, consider how the leaders in the media for this module used power to influence change in education.
To prepare for this Discussion:
Review the case study “Cultural Proficiency: The Missing Link to Student Learning” (Brion, 2019). Conduct a PRINCE analysis of the power relationships in this case study, following the analysis protocol, explained in the reading in this module.
By Day 7 of Week 10In addition to these analyses, reflect on the following questions based on the case study:
1. From ideas, models, and frameworks studied in class, what can explain why the situation deteriorated?
2. What could have been done to prevent the situation?
3. When should it have been done?
Post your thoughts regarding the approach you would use to advise the principal and the staff to become more culturally proficient with their students. Cite Learning Resources and your PRINCE analysis to support your recommendations.