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Please answer the following assignment
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TOPIC :: Natural language processing
In this assignment you will do your literature review for your research paper so you can inform the reader on your thesis and prove it is correct. For each page written you should have a minimum of 2 citation references from academic articles, books etc. Work on finding primary research and synthesizing your data. Please do not use websites as references.
The literature should be from reputable journals, magazines, professionals in the field and research from the CSP library. If a source doesn’t have an author name or a date of print, then it’s likely not a solid reference. Work on finding themes from many authors who state similar things or find similar findings in their research on a topic.
Assignment Requirement – Complete 15 – 16 page (not including cover and references page) rough first draft of your literature review.
Please ensure the written content is free of plagiarism as the
professor will keep a close watch.