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1. In January 2022, California SB 1383 (Short-Lived Climate Pollutants: Organic Waste Reductions) went into effect, requiring all jurisdictions to provide organic waste collection services to all residents and businesses. Research this state bill. What are the goals of the bill, and why are those goals important? Are there any negative impacts from this bill being instituted? What challenges do you think communities will have in meeting the requirements, and how could those challenges be alleviated? What do you do with your organic waste (food waste, food-soiled paper)?
2. 1.Packaging contributes a large amount of waste to the overall waste stream, but packaging also serves many purposes. One strategy to reduce the waste from packaging is source reduction. This means not using packaging that is not needed and only using as much as is necessary. Reducing packaging can help to save resources and reduce the flow of waste to landfills.
One of the ways to assess the environmental impact of a product is to perform a life cycle assessment (LCA). An LCA considered all of the steps involved with creating, using and disposing of a product, from “cradle to grave”.
a.Pick a product you purchased recently that had several layers of packaging. For example, a box of cereal would be an option – it has both the plastic bag and the cardboard box. Please pick something other than a cereal box!
b.Describe all parts of the packaging. What raw materials/natural resources are needed to make the packaging?
c.What are all the steps in the packaging’s life cycle? Draw out a life cycle diagram for your product. Be detailed!
d.Which steps do you think have the biggest environmental impact?
e.Why do you think the product was packaged the way it was? What purpose does each piece of packaging serve?
f.Is the packaging made out of recycled materials? If so, how do you know?
g.Is the packaging easily recyclable? If it is not recyclable, what do you think the impacts of disposal will be?
h.How would you redesign this packaging to reduce the overall environmental impact? Explain what changes you would make, and why.