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Case Study Format Guide


Case number and title

Overview of the case:

In this section give a brief summary of the case; mention what is happening and what the problem/s appear to be. About a paragraph is the maximum needed or 4-5 sentences.

Case Questions:

In this section provide your answer based to each question based on the assigned reading. Number your responses to match the assigned questions in the text. Each question should be 3-4 sentences at a minimum.




And so on.

Case Conclusion/Summary:

In this section state your final conclusion/summary of the case based on your analysis of your responses to each question. Then, state your recommended action(s) to resolve the problem(s). Use at least two (2) outside sources, other than your text, to support your conclusion/summary and/or actions taken. Do not retype the answers from your questions; compile all your information and make a good to the point summary. A paragraph is a good normal length. Each case study assigned is required to be answered using this format. The headings are in bold and are mandatory for every case.

Single Space

Ensure you space between the sections

Spell check your work

Grammar check your work

Make sure you use at least two (2) outside sources cited and cited correctly

Ensure you refer to the Lesson section “Rubrics, Assignment Expectations, and APA Instructions” for “Case Study Rubric” for case study grading criteria.

Most cases can be completely answered in one (1) page.

Answer questions after reading.   Use rubric for format

1. As Victoria Jackson, which supplier or which suppliers would you choose for glass for the coming year?

2.   Do you think it might be possible to achieve a 30-35 turnover rate on raw material glass?

3.   What is your analysis of the past glass supply practices at KII?

4.   Where would you like to go in the future with your glass supply strategy?

5.   What short-term or long-term action would you take for glass at KII and why?