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Please help with assignment 

For this discussion, we are returning to focusing on our outcome project and applying the information on Experimental Design from the prior and current modules. You should include the following in your post (integrate your responses into a discussion, not just a list!)

Topic: The influence of Social Media on Mental Health.

1. Your topic – Lead with a sentence or two on what your topic is, generally, and why it is important. Are certain groups or types of people important to your topic – what are they and why. Follow with a sentence or two describing your hypothesis.

2. What experimental study have you found that acts as a good example of your idea and future plans for research on this topic. Describe the study here. Include things like their hypothesis, what sample they used and how many, the IV and DV in question, the analysis they conducted, and what their results suggest. Be sure to include how you believe this study will support your own future research.

3. Finally, what is one big question or problem you are having in the creation of your final proposal. Include that question here for the group – perhaps more minds can see an alternative path.

NOTE: Please do your best to find an experiment, not just a survey or observational study. While your topic may not be appropriate for an experiment, it is likely that someone has examined one or more of the variables of interest in your study, even tangentially related to your topic, that you can use. The focus is on a quality description and critique of an experiment.