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Attached are instructions 


Write a cause-and-effect essay about a man made or natural disaster. The disaster can be recent or historical. Below is a list of disasters you must choose from. You will need to write about both the 
causes and 
effects of the incident. The effects can go beyond the loss of life to explain the environmental impact or policies made after the disaster. There could be one cause and multiple effects, one effect and multiple causes, multiple causes and multiple effects, or a cause/effect chain. 

Sources: You must use at least four sources with correct citations. 

Requirements: 700-900 words, Times New Roman font and double spaced (4-5 pages).

Must have a developed thesis statement, introduction paragraph, supporting details, and conclusion.

Topic List:



1871 Great Chicago Fire 

1906 San Francisco Earthquake

1979 The Who concert disaster

1980 Mt. St. Helen Volcano 

1986 Challenger Disaster

1986 Chernobyl

1992 Hurricane Andrew

2005 Hurricane Katrina

2004 Indian ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

2010 The Deepwater Horizon oil spill

2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

2018 FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

2019/2020 Australian Wildfire

2020 Beirut Explosion

2021 Surfside Condominium Collapse