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Writing assignment 2

Instructions to Parents and Students Write a letter to parents introducing the unit.  Items to include in your letter: standards addressed in the unit, suggestions for parents to do at home to become involved in their child’s learning.  Be sure to make your letter open to two-way communications where parents can contact you with questions and concerns. 

Items to include in your letter:

· A clear, parent friendly explanation of the unit – what you will be teaching/doing and why, or if you prefer – what their child will be learning and why it is important.

· Standards addressed in the unit, described in a language the parents will understand, don’t just copy/paste the standard

· Suggestions for things parents can do at home to become involved in their child’s learning.  These don’t have to be specific to your course or topic.

· Encouragement for parents to contact you (be sure to include a method/information for contact.) This assures them that you want open, two-way communication if they have questions and concerns.


RL 3.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrase as they are used in a text, distinguishing literal and nonliteral language.