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Annotated Bibliography

For this unit assignment, you are asked to produce an annotated bibliography that includes at least three separate paragraph-level descriptions (250 words each) of credible research arguments that can be used in the future synthesis unit. Two of these arguments are to be derived from the readings you choose as your focus for this assignment and for your Unit 2, Synthesis Essay Assignment. At least one source should represent a connective topic and it should come from a peer-reviewed journal found in the DCCCD online library (not a literary journal). This unit is designed to help you begin the process of researching sources external to the course readings and should be directly tied to the issues raised in your selected supplemental text.

Each entry begins with the properly cited bibliographic information. This means you will need to research and locate the primary source for the two readings that you select as your focus. In most cases, the texts can be traced to a collection, or an article. In the annotation that follows you should identify what you believe is the writer’s primary argument and the secondary claims that support or elaborate it. In each description, you should identify the types of evidence that the writer uses to justify his or her claims and pay particular attention to the grammatical delivery of such evidence.

Questions to consider: What is the main idea (primary claim) of the reading? Which statements (secondary claims) support this? How can you restate or interpret in your own words? What inference(s) can you make?

Assignment Details: Single-spaced. Times New Roman 10 Point , MLA Style. 750 Words minimum (250 words for each entry)

Sources should be connected to the two primary readings you selected ( linked below) Week one. and are to be the focus of your Synthesis essay. These two sources are to be included in your Annotated Bib assignment due later this week.

These are the two primary readungs I selected in week one-

Contemporary Race

!. A Letter to my Son – Between the World and Me – TaNahesi Coates

2. Hot Sauce in Her Bag