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1. Choose one of the short films you watched. Please use the following format.

2. Paragraph 1, Introduction: Provide basic information about the film (title, director, date) and introduce the central concept of your review (this is similar to a thesis statement). It is likely that this will be a very short paragraph.

3. Paragraph 2, Plot Summary: Provide a short plot summary, while avoiding spoilers.

4. Paragraph 3, Description and Analysis: Summarize the film from a more thematic angle. What was your experience watching the film? What aspects of the Human Experience are explored? How are they explored?

5. Paragraph 4, Conclusion: What are your overall thoughts and impressions of the film? Do you recommend it? Why? You may also choose to rate the film here — how many stars (or chili peppers, or hearts, or eyeballs… you get the idea).

6. Be sure to provide an MLA citation for each source you use


?Negative Space | Oscar Nominated Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week.? YouTube, 16 July 2019,