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This class about the bible
Over the past several weeks, you have studied and responded to God?s Word?the Bible, his love letter to you! You have read biblical texts closely, listened to the voices of different biblical writers and experts, participated in discussion, done research, watched videos, learned the background and context of historical biblical events, identified themes, written your own poem in response to a biblical poem, and drawn connections between what you?ve read and your own life and faith journey. In particular, you have leaned-in and spent extended time with the Apostle Paul?s letter to the Philippians.

Part J: Looking Back

For your final Philippians journal, re-read the entire book of Philippians in one sitting, using a different translation than NIV. You could choose either a translation that is more literal such as the English Standard Version (ESV) ( or one that is more modern such as the New Living Translation (NLT) ( or any other translation you wish.

Reflect on the book as a whole. Write 3-4 meaningful paragraphs addressing some or all of the following questions, focusing especially on how your understanding of this book has changed since Week 1:

What stands out to you in this book of the Bible?
What questions do you still have?
What is your response to the process of reading it weekly?
How would you apply what you’ve learned to your personal life?
What have you reconsidered about the book as a whole after digging deep into your chosen passage of scripture?