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i need a 300 word conclusion on a group presentation im doing on gaming groups at my university and how they contribute to a positive student expierence. I will provide a document that has the body paragraphs of this presentaion. I dont want any sources on hereThe special interest groups at USC like gaming groups which feature the Pok?mon League, Gamers League and many others contribute to a positive student experience. These types include improved attention which helps scanning through tasks in real life situations like an assignment or understanding what the coordinator has to say during a learning tutorial. It also helps with visual processing which is basically the brain?s way to use an interpret visual information around us, it helps the person with the ability to perceive, analyse, synthesise, recall visual representations etc. Special interest groups also help with executive functions like working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. It has also shown to have improved problem solving and strategic thinking which helps significantly in real life. It also teaches the value of teamwork, how to work as team together and solve the problem at hand. Finally, it is also a great way to unwind and relieve stress after a difficult day at work, school or university.
This area is supported by the Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs where it falls under self-actualisation, esteem, love and belonging. The self-actualisation area focuses on serious game designs for competition as it good for practicing game design skills and getting recognition for a future career in the gaming industry. Esteem focuses on competitive sport that anyone can get into, it is known to relieve stress from studying or a tiring day at work, it also helps with learning skills like attention during a tutorial, visual processing etc. Love and belonging are an area which helps making friends, teaches the value of teamwork, teaches people how to be good at sportsmanship, makes it easier for people with anxiety as it helps to build interpersonal relationships with peers and the most important one is that it helps build confidence and self esteem among the person and peers.
The best way to get involved amongst these groups is to find a group page on Facebook or ask around the campus who is in the group so that way it is easier to locate where the room is on campus. The person to contact will the page admin or ask around and meet with the person in charge and see how to get involved.