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Question 1:

I will be relying on Interval Measurements for the Independent Variable and Ordinal Measurements for the Dependent Variable. For the IV, there will be two percentages representing the proportion between the supporters and the opponents of the mandates. Both percentages are to be drawn from a single sample of registered voters randomly selected from the US electorate. As for the DV, I will be gauging the sample voters? mood toward the midterm elections by asking them a series of questions about the outcomes. The voter?s stress levels will be categorized by their responses on an ordinal scale ranging from ?strongly concerned? to ?strongly unconcerned.? Greater concern for the midterm elections can be inferred as stress caused by undue uncertainty over whether the mandates are enough to ensure their integrity. Those who are not concerned about the results may also be convinced that the mandates are already sufficient as is.

Question 2:

In my research, I expect to find that social media use significantly increases individuals? stress levels, leading to voter turnout. With the constant technological progress, information has become more accessible to almost every individual. Living in the 21st Century, one does not need to memorize information as we can ?google? it within seconds. The rise of social media also changed perspectives of political campaigns and allowed politicians to reach a broader audience and voters to gain more knowledge about their potential candidates. However, since reliable sources do not verify the information published on such platforms as Facebook and Twitter, it also can provide false data and affect political views, which might lead to battles between social media users, those that know each other personally, and those that have never met outside of the virtual reality. Consequently, some of those who participate in such arguments might experience increased stress levels, potentially leading to voter turnout.

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