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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words or more and reply with 75 words or more to 2 students.

Discuss communication in a global or virtual team. What obstacles are commonly faced with communication in this context? What are the
consequences of ineffective communication among team members working in different locations? Share strategies for effective
with colleagues in different locations.

You may address how the pandemic has changed how we communicate as long as you give some doable steps to create a successful virtual
team. Share a credible professional, academic or other appropriate reference for us to check out.

You can include ideas such as emailing agenda’s before the meeting. And to ask team members to do small presentations in order to gain

Following up meetings and actions in writing.

Inclusive meetings from Linked-In.

Inclusive meetings over Zoom

How to have more inclusive meetings over Zoom

Here is a link and video about conference calls for those still having those.

Scroll down and there is a humorous look at conference calls.