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Please do a literature review comparing the efficacy of Turmeric, ginger, curcumin in the treatment of pain in arthritis compared to the regular osteaoarthritis regimen. Please use this literature review matrix in the uploaded documents and use the 5 literatures I uploaded for the review. PLEASE STRICTLY USE THE MATRIX TEMPLATE for the literature review . WE are using the PICOT method ( Population, Intervention, Comparison/control, Outcome, Time). The PICOT question for this literature review assignment is : Using naturally derived dietary supplements like turmeric, ginger and curcumin is effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis pain in patients with osteoarthritis . Please use literatures within 5
years as referrence ( which I uploaded the 5 literatures for review within the past 5 years) Please select a topic that interests you or is relevant to your practice, and develop an appropriate PICOT question for it. ? Please search CINAHL and medline through the AUHS databases ( ? user ID: american? password: health2020*? )?
Please select 5 articles to review according to the literature matrix template, please cite the articles beneath the matrix using APA format
Keep in mind that you will use these articles to write a research paper

PICOT Question:

Literature Review Matrix Template
Date Theoretical/
Framework Research
Hypotheses Methodology Analysis &
Results Conclusions Implications for
Future research Implications
For practice

Rubric : Literature Review Matrix (20 points)
Poor –0 points Average?3 points Exceeds—5 points
Pertinence of selected literature Literature reviewed has weak or no connection to the topic under study Literature reviewed relates to the study topic Literature reviewed relates to the main topic
Analysis of literature Elements of the literature are not identified (framework, research questions, methodology etc.) Some but not all of the elements are identified All elements in the matrix are identified
Quality of literature Major sections of pertinent literature are omitted or literature reviewed is not from scholarly sources, or is more than 5 years old Most articles/ sources reviewed are from scholarly sources and are not more than 5 years old, but a few are not Only recent scholarly articles are used to build the argument for the need for the study

APA format APA format is not used for citations APA format is used inconsistently or with errors APA format is used with no errors