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Unit 8 Reflection Question:

In chapter 9, Schultz discusses women?s professional opportunities in sport. There are a number of quotes and antidotes throughout the chapter that poignantly convey the limited profession opportunities for women. Below are some quotes from the chapter that are perhaps most striking:

Athletic Business: ?[Her role] could have put a woman in a position of authority.? (p.133)
Lavar Ball: ?A woman trying to break into the game? who ?needs to stay in her lane.? (p.133)
Venus Williams: ?Think about how devasting and demoralizing that could be.? (p. 136)
Maddy Evans: ?I?m very thankful for that?but it is difficult.? (p.140)
Text: ?In 2015, the Russian Premier League team UMMC Ekaterinburg, for which Taurasi plays in the winter, paid her $1.5 million to sit out the WNBA season.? (p140-141)
Jackie Agnew: ?Lewes FC can show that equal pay can be implemented to the benefit of both women and men in sport and beyond.? (p.143)
Select two of the quotes above. For each quote, write a short reflection that addresses the following:

Explain the specific context of the quote.
Explain its specific relevance to women?s opportunities in professional sport?
Reflect on its broader significance. This could include such things as how it is representative of larger trends, how it is representative of experiences of women in sport more broadly, or how the quote can feel like just one more of a ton of bricks weighing down on women?s sport.