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Write a critical theoretical essay analyzing the German Expressionist cinema movement (1910 to the 1930s)
Your paper must have a clear thesis statement, explicitly deploy film theory to prove your thesis, and include a minimum of seven academic sources that are cited throughout the paper. Your paper must clearly fall under one of the areas of study listed below.

Film Language
Film and Reality
The Film Medium ? The Image
The Film Medium ? Sound
Film Narrative
The Film Artist
Film Genres
Spectator and Audiences
Your analysis will be constructed through TWO OR MORE of the APPROACHES listed below.

Formal analysis (the film?s formal elements)
Cultural analysis (analyses the film through the lens of gender, race, social class, sexuality, etc.)
Historical analysis
Aesthetic approach
Technological approach
Economic approach
Film as social history
Helpful Tip about Film Analysis:
A critical analysis of a film involves research, critical thinking and analysis, and may just as well be about a movie you disliked, as one that you really enjoyed. It avoids a lengthy reprise of the plot except where it is necessary to remind the reader of important themes or elements. The film essay supports a clearly articulated argument (your thesis) by looking closely at some features of the film and will often situate the work in the context of other critical writing about the film. It may examine various aspects of the film?s elements as well as consider the film?s production history and context, the film?s reception and consumption by audiences, or issues of the film?s distribution (where/how it was made available for audiences to see).