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Students are to write a paper giving their perspective on a character that is releant to the time period covered in this course. You can select another individual outside
the list below with my approval. This may be an individual, such as FDR or , or it may
be a composite such as, say, ?the American soldier in the Vietnam War.? It should
not simply repeat factual material but emphasize the student?s own judgments and
perspectives. What drew you to that figure? What were the figure?s motivations?
How was he/she typical or extraordinary? What challenges did he/she face and how
did he/she respond? Finally, and most important, what is there about this figure that
is relevant for us today? Students may, if they choose, write as that figure using the
first person.
The paper must be documented in MLA style. The bibliography should include at
least three print sources (e.g., magazines and newspapers), and may contain
Internet sources as well. At least one of the sources should be a primary source.
Like other college papers, this one should have a thesis and supporting arguments.
Make sure you know how to cite sources in these papers. It will be graded on
criteria including organization, grammar, reasoning, clarity, format,
appropriateness, insight, and originality