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3.2 DISCUSSION: The Role of the Private Sector in Infrastructure Protection
A nuclear power plant smokestack

Over 80% of the critical infrastructure in the United States is owned by private owners and operators. Power grid operators, chemical plant workers and IT service personnel are often the first to identify and respond to any threat to critical infrastructure. Thus, the first line of defense to critical infrastructure attack lies outside federal and state government control.

Action Items

Read “READING: The Private Sector and the Role of Risk and Responsibility in Securing the Nation’s Infrastructure” and consider the statement above.
Then share a 200-300 assessment of the risks and advantages in placing the primary responsibility for national infrastructure in the hands of private operators. Consider questions like: What can government agencies do to provide appropriate oversight of private infrastructure operators? Should the government even place this burden on private operators of critical infrastructure?
Cite sources beyond the readings provided and use the APA format.
Then, respond to at least three of your classmates in a substantive way.