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My prompt to build upon:

My research topic is still “The Origin of Cacha?a in Brazil and its
civic effects on the formation of the country”. I will initially look at
the Origin of Cacha?a and how it originated by researching open
source databases and look into the “Cacha?a Revolt” that took place in
1660-1661 in Rio de Janeiro. The “Cacha?a Revolt” was the Brazilian
equivalent of the “Whiskey Rebellion” that took place in the United
States. In brief, the Cacha?a Revolt was the Portuguese prohibition on
the Brazilian production of cacha?a due to the competition with their
products (wine). Many of the landowners in Rio de Janeiro did not like
the idea and revolted against Salvador de S?, then governor of Rio de
Janeiro. After this, I plan on going over other effects that cacha?a had
on the formation of the country, which didn’t declare its
independence until 150 years after the Cacha?a Revolt.


Banks, Peter. ?The Cacha?a Revolt.? Cacha?a for Gringos.
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Williams, Daryle, Amy Chazkel, and de Mendon?a Paulo Knauss.
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———– Instructor Assignment Instructions ————-

Research Assignment
In this essay assignment you will select an alcoholic drink and specific time period to explore. These can
include beer (or any specific variations of beer), wine (or any specific type or type of fortified wine like
brandy, port, sherry ETC), vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, pulque , guaro, or any other alcohol drink
touched on in our course. You should then select a specific time period: ancient, Medieval, Early Modern
or Modern. Be specific, too, about geographical place: Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe
What impact did the drink you?ve selected have on society at that time? Whether you choose to focus
on production, consumption, regulation or other religious and culture dimensions is all up to you, your
interests, and the sources that you fine. You could even choose to investigate, to give a particularly
colorful example, the importance of the cocktail to drinking culture during Prohibition in the United
Essays are due Thursday, April 21 and should be about three and a half pages in length, though quality
is, as always, more important than quantity. Please include footnotes to your sources in Chicago Manual
of Style (CMS) format.
The goal of the assignment is to create an argumentative and historical essay in which you demonstrate
the ways in which your drink impacted, for better or worse, the time and place you?ve chosen.