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Stereotypes, which are based on prejudice and discrimination, have a great effect on individuals and society as a whole. Consider how inaccurate assumptions based on race or culture may affect how certain groups interact with one another, or how they are viewed by other groups in society. For this activity, use a sociological lens to examine the effect of stereotypes by analyzing an episode of a television show that depicts several different groups of people interacting with one another. Analyze the roles in which each group of people are cast.

Explain one to two stereotypes that are present in the depiction of each group in the show. Use one to two major concepts and theories and appropriate terminology from the text. In your description, be sure to analyze how the stereotypes affect the characters. For example, are certain ethnic groups depicted in positions of power? Do certain genders seem to be assigned certain types of roles, plotlines, or personalities? Be sure to (1) explain each concept, theory, and term applied, (2) explain how each concept or theory applies to the characters and their interactions, and (3) analyze how the episode would change if the groups were depicted differently.